Thursday, July 24, 2014


The Second Wedding look is a trend that has come to stay, most people have embraced this trend. So now the wedding vows and church service is over, you have taken your photographs, you both are heading to the reception for the dance floor, or an after party. Nothing gets comfortable than a second wedding dress to show your dance moves. * time to drop the bulky wedding dress and relive the chief bridesmaid off the duty of having to carry your wedding gown.
Its time to let it loose, you can get lovely Tarik Ediz dresses for that second wedding look from our online store on , here are some lovely Tarik Ediz dresses we have in stock, you do not need to worry about shipping from outside the country, just call 08187290650 or visit our IG page " sheizadiva" , twitter handle @sheizadiva and face book page for more pictures.

The Second wedding dress can pass for a dinner ball, a red carpet event and grand occasions, just revamp it with a different hairstyle, another color of shoe, accessories os clutch. You do not have to let go of your Second Wedding dress Like the Wedding gown that has no second function, except you are passing it down to the next generation.

1. It should be Simple yet shiny, its your wedding day, so you have to shine. The Tarik Ediz piece is shiny and full of embellishment.
2. It should be long and flow a little, for comfort and to still distinguish you as the bride.
3. The color of the dress should be warm.
4. Avoid your bra straps from showing, You can skip the bra, because Tarik Ediz piece have bustiers.
TARIK EDIZ is a Turkish Designer.
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