Wednesday, July 16, 2014


HI Divas, its the midweek, We here are very excited about the midweek, as most of you are, because its a time to tone down the serious workout fit from monday and tuesday to a more fashionable work outfit, Its the middle of the week that reminds us the weekend is near. 
Back to the matter, its TIPS TO CARE FOR YOUR HAIR EXTENSION. Caring for your hair extension should be a major decision on getting them. If you would spend such huge amount of money for your Brazillian, Peruvian, Mongolian or any kind of hair extension, why shouldn't you take care of it, so its worth the price, you also can reuse and style it differently.

  • BRUSH IT- With the use of a soft bristle brush or Looper brush, start from the tip to detangle, then gradually work your way up and gently brush the hair as you would do your natural hair. Avoid brushing it too hard, so as to prevent breakage or shredding. dont be deceived, the hair extension isn't made of iron, it would shred if you don't take care of it properly.
  • WASH IT- Wet you extension bit by bit to prevent tangling, use a wide toothed comb and use downward motion when shampooing. Most importantly, use the right kind of shampoo and take it slow, Let them dry naturally. do not wash regularly as it doesn't get dirty often like your natural hair.
  • AVOID THE BONDS- When styling avoid bonding glue, If you must bond, never use a flat iron on the the bonded part, never clamp a hot iron on the bonds to prevent the hair from degrading and shredding.
  • OIL IT- Avoid oiling frequently, use serum oil for the hair to enhance the shine.
  • STORE WELL- You can roll it with bending rollers to maintain the curls, hang it, or store them in an airtight container to prevent mould or discolouration. 
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Author: Uju Lilian Ikegbune

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